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NEWS! ... News! ... NEWS! ... News!

Bespoke Travel - Liz King's December Travel Notes

Rodmell resident, Liz King, is a Bespoke Travel agent and a mine of information about everything you could wish for when thinking about your holidays! Liz will now write a monthly newsletter for Rodmell's website, keeping us all up-to-date with news and latest offers: see Local Business in & around Rodmell for Liz King's December Travel Notes.

Rodmell Remembers - appeal for information about our War Memorial

As we approach the 100 years anniversary of the start of World War One, Judith Bradbury (Parish Clerk) has been researching the history of the 9 men recorded on the War Memorial in Rodmell Church who died in WW1, as well as the one man recorded for WW2. See Rodmell Local History and click on the heading on the right of the screen.
If anyone has any additional information they would like to share, please get in touch with Judith: rodmell.parish57@btinternet.com

The pub’s bottle bin is not for public use!

21 Oct'14 - A message from Lucie at the pub:
"More and more people are using our bottle bin as a public one. Normally I wouldn't mind as the village are very good and supportive to us, but we now get charged by the weight of the bin rather than per pickup, plus it’s difficult to find a reliable waste disposal company which means due to the lack of space in the bin we are having to make trips to the bottle bank ourselves. I've opened our bottle bin this morning and there are a dozen or so bottles that haven't come from the pub, leaving no room for yesterday’s load from the pub."

Lewes District Council provides a free recycling service each fortnight for residents when they collect our empty bottles, among other things - but the pub has to pay for their collection. Please use LDC's free service rather than adding to the costs that Lucie & Jon have to pay for their commercial waste collection from the pub.

Zero Heroes Update – Good News!

14 Oct’14: Back in August, our Parish Clerk – Judith Bradbury – asked us to vote for Rodmell in Lewes District Council’s “Zero Heroes” competition for funds (see: URGENT - Vote for Rodmell! for details). Judith now provides an update:
"A big thank you to everyone who responded to my plea to support Rodmell's pitch for our share of these funds. I am very pleased to report that at a meeting Paul Denerley & I held with the Zero Heroes Team last night, they have accepted the strength of Rodmell's claim and will recommend that Lewes District Council release funds to enable us to replace the notice board by the Village Hall. I now need to let them have an outline costing and I am in the process of obtaining quotes. All this is very opportune timing … I went to measure the dimensions of the old board this morning and one of the doors fell out! Anyway, we wouldn't have succeeded without your help … thanks."

Rodmell Parish Council - Newsletter

RPC's September newsletter has been delivered to all households in the parish, and can be viewed here: Groups & Activities. It has updates on various matters including: Broadband, Rodmell-Northease footpath, Defibrillator coming to the Village, Bus services consultation and the possibility of benefitting from a small Community award.

Coffee Club - September's collection for Macmillan

At our first Coffee Club meeting after the Summer break, on Wednesday 24 September, we raised £47.70 for the Macmillan Coffee Morning Fund.

The Egrets Way Rodmell to Southease section

7 June 2014: The Egrets Way Rodmell to Southease section of the Ouse Valley Cycle Network is now officially open and you can walk / cycle along the riverbank.

Rodmell Camera Club - the future?

3 June 2014: It has been decided that, due to a general lack of interest, the Rodmell Camera Club will be suspended until such time as any current or potential members express an interest in getting together for a meeting or an excursion.
A big 'Thank you' to Bob Foster for his hard work, enthusiasm and efforts with our Camera Club, including organising our meetings, and various photography excursions and talks.

Monk's House car park - update

The long awaited extension to the Monk's House car park is now complete. The original car park has been tidied up to create more spaces here. The new parking area will be reserved and cordoned off for National Trust visitors only. Please park carefully in the marked spaces as this helps to increase the number of cars that can use the car park. Please also take any rubbish home with you as there isn't a bin in the car park.

Problem dogs on The Drove

Rodmell Parish Council continues to try to find a solution to this problem (see Minutes of Parish Council Meetings Groups & Activities).
Please could everyone who experiences any problems going past the smallholding - such as feeling intimidated or having their dog attacked - inform the Clerk to the Parish Council (see Groups & Activities for contact details), so that she can keep a record. This will help with future resolutions of this problem.

Rodmell Parish Council: Minutes of previous meetings

The dates of RPC meetings, plus Minutes & Agendas, can be seen in Groups & Activities

WHAT'S ON this month in RODMELL ?

PLEASE NOTE: information for events during November are given in full in the Diary & Events section of this website.

Services in St Peter's Church, Rodmell

For details of all the church services in St Peter's this month, see About Rodmell and in the Parish Magazine (copies available in Church).

Village Hall bookings

Note: as from August 2014, the list of Village Hall bookings is no longer be available on Rodmell's website. For information about groups that usually use our Village Hall, see Diary & Events section for details.

Abergavenny Arms pub

Our local pub is now run by Lucie and Jon, and they welcome everyone to our village pub for their exciting programme of great food, special offers, live music, and lots of activities - see About Rodmell for details.
To book a table, phone 01273 472 416, or see About Rodmell and www.abergavennyarms.com

Monk's House & garden

Monk’s House and garden are now closed to visitors until Spring 2015.

See Diary & Events for details of all events over the next few months.

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