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Rodmell – this is your website! is a site dedicated to the information needs of Rodmell residents and, just as much, to providing information about our village to anyone outside who is interested in us or wants to visit us.

This new site, launched in July 2023, is intended to be easy to navigate, colourful, interesting and with lots of relevant content. It is financed by the Parish Council and web-mastered by me, John Gillies, not because I know anything about web mastering, but because when I retired as Council Chairman I couldn’t find anybody to delegate it to. Actually I now find I quite enjoy doing it, but as the Council has very little money and I have even less skill, I could use some help.

If there’s anybody out there who would like to give me a hand maintaining and developing the site, I’d be glad to hear from you. A website wizard would be useful, but equally someone who can feed me content – events, meetings, news, village gossip, anything that will make the site more useful and more interesting.

Similarly, if you have any suggestions about what else you would like to see on this website, I’d love to hear from you. In particular, if you have any news to share, an event to tell us about, a group or society that you would like added to our listings, or if you’re a local business or somebody with a service to offer, please email me at

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