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Lucid Healing is dedicated to enabling you to express your beauty, helping your highest potential grow into wholeness, happiness and balance.

Earth energy medicine practices set the immune system free to function optimally and bring about healing. When you unblock the immune system, physical healing happens naturally. When you unblock the chakra system, emotional healing accelerates and we can return to a state of balance.

Ali Rabjohns clears whatever blockage may be holding you back in life with gentle shamanic healing at an energetic level.

Ali lives in Rodmell and treats her clients in her own treatment room in the village.

Ali’s website www.lucidhealing.co.uk has more details about her work with Lucid Healing.


“Working with Ali has made a tremendous impact on my life. The shamanic sessions bring together energy work, visualisation, reflective counselling and pure transcendent magic into a fantastic package, helping me to reflect and move on. Ali is a sensitive and grounded shamanic practitioner, who is able to hold a safe space during the sessions. The work has enabled me to become more self-aware, helping me to make informed choices around some difficult decisions.

I love everything about the sessions and the shamanic work has become part of my life. A great support mechanism, thank you”.

R. Fairweather – Co-Director of The Jing Institute of Advanced Massage.

I enjoyed being able to be completely honest and being heard. I feel much more authentic now and see my part in so many difficulties in the past with relationships. I forgive myself, understanding how others have felt and played their part in the situation.

I was able to heal my ancestral line, forgiving and understanding my ancestors. I saw the positive aspects of their lives. I’ve also let go and reclaimed parts of myself I’d had been afraid of.

I got a sense of clarity, vision, sense of balance, healing, peace, inner stillness, self-esteem and more love of self and others. I loved the location and space, beautiful.

Shirley H, Complementary Therapist, Kent, 2016.

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