Lenny’s Path

Formal opening of Lenny’s Path

The new Permissive Footpath between Northease and Rodmell is now open, making it possible for the first time to walk between Northease and Rodmell without risking life and limb on the C7. It will be known as “Lenny’s Path” in memory of late Rodmell resident Lenny Littlechild.

A ceremony to mark its opening and to thank the people and organisations who have helped to make it happen was held on Sunday 8th January at 12.15pm at the Abergavenny Arms. An enormous number of people turned up, just showing the enthusiasm that villagers have for the path.

The main protagonists were Marie Littlechild, for the idea of a memorial path, David Robinson for making available the land, the Monday group for putting up stiles and fingerposts and Yusuf Mehmet the fencing, the South Downs National Park, Chalk Cliff Trust and Rodmell Parish Council for the funding, and Neville Harrison for co-ordinating the whole quite complex operation. Finally Chris Bentley, for supplying the catering and allowing the Abergavenny Arms to be invaded on a Sunday lunchtime.



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