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Rodmell Parish Council documents you can view online:

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Phone:    07864 637274
Mail:       The Parish Clerk, Rodmell Parish Council, 19 Lullington Close, Seaford, BN25 4JH

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RPC Business for 2023-24:

RPC Agenda 12 09 23

RPC Draft Minutes 25 07 23

RPC Agenda 25 07 23

RPC Minutes EGM 20 06 23

RPC Agenda EGM 20.06.23



RPC Business for 2022-23:

Financial Documents
Payments over £100 2022-2023
Rodmell Standing Orders 2023
Rodmell variances 22-23
RPC – Asset Register 2023
RPC – Financial Regulations 2023
RPC Bank Reconciliation March 2023
AGAR 2022-23 Section 1
AGAR 2022-23 Section 2
Exemption Certificate 2022-23
Registers of Members’ Interests

RoMI Christine Toye
RoMI Claire Dishington
RoMI Lindy Smart
RoMI Nicola Myers
RoMI Susan Carroll
RoMI William Meyer

 Meeting Documents

RPC Minutes AGM 16th May 2023

 RPC Agenda 16 05 23

RPC Minutes EGM 21.04.23
RPC Agenda EGM 21 04 23

Assembly Minutes 21st April 2023

RPC Agenda 21 03 2023
RPC Minutes 21 03 2023

RPC Agenda 17 01 2023
RPC Minutes 17-01-2023

RPC Agenda 15 11 2022
RPC Minutes 15-11-2022

RPC Minutes 27 09 2022
RPC Agenda 27 09 2022

RPC Minutes 19 07 2022
RPC Agenda 19 07 2022

RPC Minutes 17-05-2022
RPC Agenda 17 05 2022

RPC Meetings: Minutes & Agendas for 2021-22:

Agenda 06 05 2021
RPC Minutes 06 05 2021
RPC Agenda 20 07 2021
RPC Minutes 20 07 2021
RPC Agenda 21 09 2021
RPC Minutes 21 09 2021
RPC Agenda 16 11 2021
RPC Minutes 16-11-2021
RPC Agenda 18 01 2022
RPC Minutes 18 01 2022
RPC Agenda 15 03 2022
RPC Minutes 15 03 2022

RPC – End-of-Year 2022 1
RPC – End-of-year 2022 2
Parish Assembly Minutes 29-04-2022

RPC Meetings: Minutes & Agendas for 2020-21:

RPC Meetings: Minutes & Agendas for 2019-20:

RPC Meetings: Minutes & Agendas for 2018-19:

RPC Meetings: Minutes & Agendas for 2017:

RPC Meetings: Minutes & Agendas for 2016:

Rodmell Good Neighbour Scheme

Parish Assembly Newsletter 2016

RPC – Employers Liability Certificate 2017

RPC Sign-off of Annual return 2016-2017

Financial Regulations 2017


Parish Council Accounts for 2014-15

Payments exceeding £100  (year ended 31 March 2015)

RPC Annual Return 2014-15


RPC Delegated Decisions Register

Code of Conduct review 2017   and   Complaints procedure Sept 2017

Risk Assessment 2017

Standing orders 2017

Grievance Procedure September 2017

“Standing Orders” are the rule book for the routine conduct of Parish Council business and are based on the statutory procedures laid out in the Local Government Act 1972, Schedule 12, paragraph 42.  Rodmell Parish Council use the standard template drawn up by the National Association of Councils tailored, where appropriate, to our particular circumstances.

RPC FOI-Publication-Scheme 2017 – Information available under The Freedom of Information Act 2000


Sickness Procedure 2017

The above two procedures relate to staff employed by a Parish Council. In Rodmell’s case, the only employee is the Parish Clerk.

Other Community-related Documents:

Statement of community engagement 2017.
This document sets out what the villages comprises, what the Parish Council does, and how it interacts with village life.

Grant-Awarding-Policy 2017 
Made to organisations working for the benefit of the community in Rodmell & Northease.
Grant Application Form – to be read together with the above Policy document.

Allotment agreement 2023 
Relates to the group of allotments adjacent to South Farm Bungalows

Bookings Sports Pavilion 2022 
Rates and rules for the use of Rodmell Sports Field / Cricket Pavilion for private functions.



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